Return to your roots - sponsor a tree

Sponsor a tree

Greenpop has recently launched an annual holiday tree fundraiser which gives people the opportunity to sponsor one tree (or more) online in the name of a loved one and get a personalised certificate with the GPS co-ordinates of their tree(s). The trees that are sponsored through this campaign will be planted in our reforestation projects so this is truly a gift that keeps on giving!

Skip the crowded malls, get back to basics, and celebrate your loved ones with the gift of trees!

Greenpop will plant them on your behalf in Africa’s southernmost indigenous forest (the Platbos Forest, Overburg Region) and you will immediately receive a personalised e-card which you can forward on to your gift recipient.

You can find all of the information about the campaign here:

5 million tree planting walk



One of our FLEAT members, Blessing Shambare, participated in the 5 million tree planting walk. The walk took them from Bulawayo to Plumtree and into Botswana. The Ambassador of Botswana also joined the walk which was a 100km walk done when the COP 21 was in session from the 2-4 of December.


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2016 Calendar


Are you looking for a special gift this festive season? How about an awe-inspiring 2016 calendar that usefully lists all religious and environmental days, and lunar cycles?

The limited edition 2016 SAFCEI calendar celebrates ‘life after fire’.

Proceeds from the sale of this calendar will go towards increasing awareness, understanding and appropriate action on eco-justice and climate change in Southern Africa.

Click this link to order your calendar

features & format:

  • A4 size, opening to A3 (300 x 420mm – plenty of space for writing notes)
  • One month per view, 13 months from January 2016 to January 2017
  • Includes South African public holidays, multi-faith holy days, lunar cycles as well as major
    environmental awareness days
  • Printed on lekker, local, high-quality smooth matte recycled paper.

pricing & discounts

  • 1 – 4 @ R190 each
  • 5 – 9 @ R180 each
  • 10 or more @ R170 each

Click here to view all the photographs

Would you prefer to donate money towards a specific SAFCEI project?  Click here for more information.

Thanking you for your support!


Greening Harare

tree planting

Mrs. Tendai Rebecca Gurupira demonstrates how to plant a tree at Fatima Zaahra Secondary School.

By Tendai Rebecca Gurupira

The United Methodist Church continues to give awareness on climate change through the office of the Women Coordinator Mrs. Tendai Rebecca Gurupira. On every church occasion we plant trees. The picture below shows the United Methodist Church Zimbabwe Episcopal Area resident Bishop E.K Nhiwatiwa and Harare West District Superintendent Rev. Musharu planting trees after the dedication of Dziwarasekwa sanctuary.tree planting

tree planting The Inner City Circuit of the United Methodist Church held a Family Fun Day function at Alan Wilson School in Harare Zimbabwe. The church asked permission from the school head to plant trees and give awareness on the importance of keeping trees.  The pastor’s wife Mrs. Chanakira  takes  a leading role in the tree planting  whilst Women’s Coordinator  Mrs. Tendai Rebecca Gurupira looks on after demonstrating how to plant trees to the pastors, men, women and children who attended this function.


Earth Poetry from the Fatima Zaahra (a.s) College

Pupil performing poem

At the latest FLEAT workshop which took place in Zimbabwe from the 28th September – 2nd October, participants were invited to the Fatima Zaahra School for a whole day programme on climate change and living in harmony with nature. The day included drama, poetry and speeches, as well as a tree planting ceremony. Here are the poems that were performed by the pupils.


The Dark Dream

By Hussein Nyanguru

Is this real

Am I dreaming

Maybe I am another dimension

Is this planet the planet I know?

Is this the planet Earth?

Yes it is!!

So why is it full of misery

Full of fire, choking gases, smoke and chained blades

Chained blades?

Yes! Chained blades

The ones which killed Mr Dove, Mr Owl and Mr Snake

Where is the togetherness we used to have

Suddenly a cool breeze blew my fares

Realizing that it was only a dream

Is it you

Was it you?

Will it be you?

The one who is destroying,

The one who is destroyed,

Will you continue destroying, the land of hope for those who are hopeless

Opening my eyes with sadness

Sadness with anger, as I take a glance at the reality which was full of danger

Forever and ever causing danger

Settling human’s anger

Do not think that you are clever

So keep peace and cleanliness with you forever

As we live in harmony with nature

Do you Realise

by Albert Hasan Nheya

As I realize

As I know

As I understand

Do you realize

Do you know

Do you understand

Do you realize

That I am the supporter of your life

The source of your survival

If you don’t then realize

Do you realize that to run your industries you need my products

To protect yourself

You need my shelter

You need my land to survive

If you don’t then realize

Does mankind realize that we are important

Yes we are!

And yes we are the origin of their wealth

The origin of their survival the inhabitants of many helpless creatures

STOP polluting our thirst extinguishers

Opening our veins like threads

Together we can survive

And yes we can survive

If only we live in harmony with nature

Did I become that useless that you keep on destroying my inhabitants’ future

Did my products become unsustainable that you destroy them

Have I really become that useless to you

Do you realize

That your future depends on me

That your life is hinged on my survival

I am the only planet that supports life

The acquired, reliable tool for human

My features are so unique and beyond comparison

As you called me Mother Earth

Waste Management at Murewa Central Primary School

waste management

Tendai Gurupira from The United Methodist Church Coordinator Ministry With Women, Children And Youth and one of our FLEAT members took the opportunity of a dedication of one of the classrooms at the Murewa Central Primary School to teach about waste management. She showed the learners how they could make bins out of old tyres.

Tendai Gurupira

Tendai Gurupira (red dress) at the Murewa Central Primary School.

waste management 2

Children at the Murewa Central Primary School make use of the newly erected bins.

Clean-up campaign in Murombedzi, Zimbabwe

Clean-up campaign The United Methodist Church Coordinator Ministry With Women,Children And Youth is happy to say the programs for environmental awareness have spread to some circuits in their Episcopal Area. On Saturday the sixth of June 2015 the coordinator participated in a clean up campaign in Murombedzi.

The locals came in their numbers in support of this event. Under the leadership of Pastor Maforo they set out with help from the Environmental Management Agency (E.M.A) U.M.C Inner City Circuit and the local council to clean the streets of Murombedzi.

Received from Tendai Rebecca Gurupira

Spiritual Spring Campaign

spiritual spring campaignSpring is on our doorstep and I invite you to join me on a Spiritual Spring campaign. We all look forward to the change of seasons at the end of Winter but what appreciation do we show God for this? This season, I challenge you to make a personal pledge to do something positive for the environment. Your pledge can come in various forms or sizes. Maybe your next purchase of light bulbs will be low energy or you’ll fix those dripping taps and keep an eye on your electricity consumption. Commit to your household recycling or take part in a local park and street clean-ups. Plant a tree or a bush in your garden. You can pray and think about what your pledge will be but whatever you decide, do your utmost to stick to it. Your pledge must not be for financial savings or a clearer conscience, it must not even be directly for the environment. Your pledge is to show your love for God and to show Him how much you appreciate this wonderful gift from Him, the gift of the Earth.

This is republished from the North Rand Methodist Church’s newsletter, written by John Roussouw

Another clean-up campaign in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe clean-up 2After this last Sunday’s service, the Greek Orthodox youth once again took to the surrounding area for their second clean-up campaign.This is the report we received:

On Sunday 7th of June 2015 after the divine liturgy, we gathered the youth so as to address them about the Global Week of Action.

Firstly we informed them about what is climate change and its impact on our lives and its threat to our lives.They participated through answering some questions we asked them.

After that  lecture, we distributed gloves, masks and bin liners and started our clean up campaign. We cleaned the church yard  and in the trenches. We rounded the neighbourhood along Masothandlovu road and returned to churchZimbabwe clean-up

It was a very successful campaign since everyone participated and showed interest in the activity.

However we only cleaned at Saint Nectarios Church, but the future plan is to go to Warren Park, Snake Park and Marondera.


Zimbabwe Clean-Up Campaign!

By Angelic Molen, Greek Orthodox Church Zimbabwe

Harare Clean Up

I would like to share with you how we, as people of faith at the Greek Orthodox Church in Zimbabwe, are working towards caring for the environment.

We as Greek Orthodox youth, in partnership with an organisation called “Youth Clean up Green up”, organised a clean-up campaign at Greencroft shopping centre in Harare on Saturday 28th of March 2015. This felt like a successful campaign since while we cleaned, we managed to inform the people about the issue of recycling plastics, paper and cans. Also we told the people about the importance of organic waste because there were a lot of dumped vegetables lying around the market place.

Besides the above, we were distributing posters and bin liners to the people for home use. Among the posters were the ones about Veld fires which is a topic we are planning to cover at a workshop equipping the faithfuls with knowledge on the effects of veld fires. This is critical in our context as we are in the season where the grass is dry. Look out for another story about our workshop!  I believe that one step at a time we will reach our destination.