About Us

While you can bring about change as an individual Earth Keeper, tackling big issues like climate change or influencing government decisions needs a collective voice. As a community of Earth Keepers, we can support each other and be more effective!

Use this website to connect with other Earth Keepers. This is a space where you will find useful tools, Earth Keeping events, tips and ideas. Check out the map on our homepage to find faith communities in Southern Africa that are caring for our planet. Read the inspiring stories of other Earth Keepers or share your own stories, events and ideas. You can also like and follow Earth Keeper posts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

The Earth Keeper movement is a growing community of people of faith in Southern Africa who respect God’s creation and wish to care for it. Anyone with a spiritual understanding that all life on earth is interconnected and that we have a shared responsibility to look after it may proudly call themselves an Earth Keeper.


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