Daily Archives: February 9, 2016

Celebrate Earth Keeper Day

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EAK-logo-rgbWe are celebrating Earth Keeper Day this February. This will be a day of love for Creation, of opening our hearts and connecting spiritually with nature, and we invite everyone to celebrate the miracle that is our Earth through prayer, meditation, song, poetry, art or dance.

Earth Keeper day will be celebrated over the weekend of the 12th – 14th February 2016 and we invite you and your faith community to choose one of these days to celebrate this special occasion. You can sign up your community by clicking here and we will support you with inspiration and ideas so that you can unite in prayer with faith communities across Southern Africa.

Read more about Earth Keeper Day here

SAFCEI staff in Cape Town will be celebrating Earth Keeper Day on Muizenberg beach on Friday morning, 12th February, 8.30am-10.30 am. We will be creating a prayer Mandala together for the Earth and sharing about our work with those interested. You are welcome to bring some breakfast and join us.  For more information e-mail info@safcei.org.za