Daily Archives: August 21, 2015

Spiritual Spring Campaign

spiritual spring campaignSpring is on our doorstep and I invite you to join me on a Spiritual Spring campaign. We all look forward to the change of seasons at the end of Winter but what appreciation do we show God for this? This season, I challenge you to make a personal pledge to do something positive for the environment. Your pledge can come in various forms or sizes. Maybe your next purchase of light bulbs will be low energy or you’ll fix those dripping taps and keep an eye on your electricity consumption. Commit to your household recycling or take part in a local park and street clean-ups. Plant a tree or a bush in your garden. You can pray and think about what your pledge will be but whatever you decide, do your utmost to stick to it. Your pledge must not be for financial savings or a clearer conscience, it must not even be directly for the environment. Your pledge is to show your love for God and to show Him how much you appreciate this wonderful gift from Him, the gift of the Earth.

This is republished from the North Rand Methodist Church’s newsletter, written by John Roussouw